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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

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Are you looking for some great Watercolor painting techniques?

Have a look at some of the good colour mixes

I know it’s very difficult to sometimes get confused deciding mix color combinations to paint. If you have just started painting watercolors here I give you some combinations to try. Although these combinations will differ slightly according to the color quality you choose or the specific company you go along with. These combinations are specifically for watercolor painting. So get going and note it down………..

1) For Clouds— Cobalt, Ultramarine Little, Raw madder, Raw Sienna (for Sky) 2)

Large cloud—Alizarin crimson, Ultramarine<Prussian blue, Raw Sienna.

3) Breezy Clouds—Ultramarine blue, Raw sienna, Light red

4) Warm clouds—Burnt sienna for warm of foreground clouds

5) For Wall— Cobalt Violet, Raw sienna, burnt sienna, little cobalt blue.

6) Final wall mix—French ultramarine, Burnt sienna (for the dark wall)

7) Green bushes—- Windsor blue and cadmium yellow

8) Bush— Deeper shade —- Cobalt violet and Cobalt blue

9) For Green bush—- Cadmium yellow +Windsor blue (mix up) plus viridian + Permanent mauve (mix up)

10) Window ledge and bush pot —- Alizarin crimson + burnt sienna

11) Bird—- Burnt sienna + indigo (for pale body wash), For Beak——-Dark grey + burnt sienna +grey, for background—-Indigo

12) Shadow—– Pure Ultramarine or Alizarin

13) Buildings IN Landscape—- Use Earth color like Raw sienna, burnt Sienna and little Ultramarine + Indigo

14) Dark Building— Rich strong mix up—–Winsor and Newton Quina Cridone Gold or Rowny Indian Yellow

15) Head and Legs— a light mix of Alizarin + raw sienna

16) Sky Wash—-Ultramarine + grey blue mix of (Ultramarine + Alizarin crimson + raw sienna)

17) Evening sky –Rose madder or Permanent rose, Aureoline, cobalt blue

18) Shadow –Violet with a touch of Lead white +little Ivory Black.

19) Deep shadow Touch of green and purple.

20) Portraits—- Payne’s grey, Winsor Newton)

21) Sky 2— Alizarin blue + Alizarin crimson = Naples yellow

22) Strom sky—Pthalo blue, burnt umber, Payne’s grey, lemon yellow, Pthalo blue and burnt umber

These colours you have to mix and try and then set your stroke. The quantity mix of each combination has to be tried and tested with repeated test patches until you find the right shade, please make test shade sheet for reference. HAPPY PAINTING Colourketchup.com

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