Updated: Jun 27, 2020

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You can see in this video that how the company makes a watercolour. The pigment processing from natural mineral stones. This is amazing because crushing the original stone and making pigment out of it. I have seen many companies making a watercolour. Daniel Smith is one company who are using these earth stones in watercolour pigment processing. No other company you will find this range. As I am from India and it is very expensive to buy these colours here.  still, I am in love with these colours.

The whole dimension of your painting changes by using this range of versatile pigments. A colour is something which you look forward to marking an impression on your paper and voila here it is. They have small testing sets also which is not very expensive. You can try at least. I have done many good brands from international companies. When I use Daniel Smith range my painting frame dimensions as visual changes dramatically. I would personally recommend you guys to also use these colours in abstract paintings or mix media too…… enjoy the video !!!

video credit- http://www.danielsmith.com

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